Foscam Ip Camera Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Q: Why my camera cannot connect wireless?

A: Normally, camera cannot connect WIFI mainly due to wrong settings. Please check the following points:

  1. When you click scan button, can the camera find router’s WIFI signal? (should find)
  2. When you set SSID for camera, please set it the same as SSID of your router;
  3. Wireless key should be the same with router’s wireless key;
  4. Whether disable mac address filter or not; (should disable, if you enable mac address filter, please add the camera’s wireless mac address in the allow list)
  5. Whether camera is too far from router?(In normal home environment, keep the distance not beyond 20m is better)
  6. Check the antenna of the camera fixed well or not.

Firstly, please check when you click scan button, camera can detect the WIFI signal or not. (Normally, it need scan two or more than two times) If it can find, you can click the SSID of your router in the wireless list, then SSID, encryption will be filled in the following boxes automatically. It only need enter the wireless key.

Secondly, if the camera cannot scan router’s WIFI signal, please fill in SSID, encryption and wireless key manually to try.

Lastly, if all the wireless settings have no problem, but the camera still cannot connect WIFI, please try other encryption, even without encryption to test; put the camera near your router to test. If it still can’t connect, please contact our technical support engineer
for deep help.

  1. Q: Why I cannot see living video when use Internet Explorer, only black screen? A: 1) Check if you load the activeX when you login.

If you use Internet Explorer, you need run the activeX(DVM_IPCam2 ActiveX Control Module) when you login the camera. When the activeX prompts you, please install it, do not block it, or you will not see living video.

About how to load the activeX, please see the guide of “How to load activeX in Windows7 computer”.

  1. Check if the firewall or anti-virus software blocks the activeX or not.

If you have firewall or anti-virus software on your computer, they may block the activeX.

Please disable them briefly and try to load the activeX.

  1. Check if you choose the correct login mode or not.

There are two login mode, one is for IE browser (ActiveX mode), the other is for firefox, google chrome, safari browser (Server Push mode), if you choose the wrong login mode, you cannot see living video, instead of black screen.

  1. If you have already tried all these suggestions above, but still cannot see video, please change a port number to try, do not use port 80, change to port 81, 82, 8005.etc. As port 80 may be used by other applications or process.
  1. Q: I forgot user name and password of my camera, what I can do next?

A: Please reset your camera, when you reset, please power on the camera at first, hold down the reset button about 30 seconds and then release it, after that, camera will restore to default user name and password. The default use is admin, no password.

  1. Q: IP Camera Tool shows error information “Subnet does not match, dbclick to change!”

A: Normally, it is the reason that router cannot give the camera an ip address automatically. You can set a fixed LAN ip for the camera. When you set its ip, please keep the camera and your router or PC in the same subnet, in other words, keep the first three section of IP address the same.

There are three ways to confirm the address of subnet mask, gateway and DNS server:

  1. Login your router and choose the status of LAN, you can see the detailed information of subnet mask, gateway and DNS server. In fact, router’s LAN IP is just the gateway address. If you don’t know the DNS server, you can set it same with gateway.
  2. Check the local area connection of PC, it also contains the detail information of that;
  3. Find these information in DOS, the step is Start>Run>cmd>ipconfig/all>Enter, you can see all the information of subnet mask, gateway and DNS server.
  1. Q: I cannot find record icon and where to set record path, why?

A: In current software, record function is controlled by activeX, only use Internet Explorer can use record function. If you use firefox, google chrome or safari, it is impossible to record. Also, there is no record icon and place to change record path in the UI.

  1. Q: How can I record?

A: There are two ways to record:

  1. Record manually;

There is a record icon in operator UI, click the record icon and the camera will begin to record. Click the icon again and camera will stop recording.

  1. Record automatically when motion trigger;

First, set alarm settings for the camera and submit. When motion trigger, camera will record automatically.

NOTE: 1.When you record, you need open the monitoring system UI. If you close the Real-time IP camera monitoring system, camera will stop recording.

2. If you want to change record path, please go to “User settings” to set. Record path is used to store manual record, Alarm record path is used to save automatic record.

  1. Q: I set remote settings according the guide, but still cannot login the camera in internet, why?

A: Firstly, make sure if the following settings are correct.

Do you set a fixed LAN IP for your camera?

Do you set DDNS service settings and DDNS status shows succeed?

Do you do port forwarding in your router?

Do you active your DDNS domain name?

Secondly, if you finished all the settings above successfully, please check if there is more than one router or modem in your LAN or not. If you connect two or more routers in the LAN, you need do two times port forwarding.

About how to do two times port forwarding, please see the guide of How to do two times port forwarding.

  1. QHow is UPNP work?

A: In current software, UPNP only contains port forwarding; it is used to do port forwarding automatically. If your router has UPNP function, please enable it and enable UPNP of the camera at the same time. Then camera will do automatic port forwarding to the router.

As UPNP is also easily affected by router or firewall, sometimes it may show failed status.

If that, please do port forwarding manually in your router, forward to camera’s ip and port. After manual forward, UPNP succeed or failed has no effect on remote access.

  1. QWhen I change the record path, it shows “set record path failed”?

A: If camera shows this error, it may due to the security settings of your OS; you can add the camera’s ip address as a trusted site to resolve this issue. The add step is Internet Explorer>Tool>Internet Proper>Security>Trusted sites>Sites>Add.

  1. Q: My IP Camera Tool cannot find the camera’s IP, why?

A: 1) Firstly, please check if your camera work normal or not; check the status of the lights on RJ-45, network cable is good or not, the connection of network and power is good or not, whether camera pan/tilt after power on (for indoor camera).

  1. Whether your router enable DHCP function; if disable mac address filter;
  2. Computer and camera in the same subnet or not; the firewall block the camera or not;
  3. If you have another router, please plug the camera in it and try again;
  4. If you tired all the above steps and still failed, please use a network cable connect the camera and your computer directly, check if the ip camera tool can detect the camera or not;
    1. Q: I enable audio, but I hear no sound?

    A: 1) Please check if your computer can play music or not;

  5. If you plug an earphone in your computer to hear sound, please make sure turn on the sound of earphone;
  6. Make sure active the earphone icon in the visitor UI;
  7. Network speed is not so bad;
  8. The sound is not so far from the camera and loud enough for the camera to capture;
    1. Q: I enable talk function, but there is no sound come from the speaker?

    A: 1) Check if the microphone used to talk turn on or not;

  9. Make sure active the microphone icon in visitor UI;
  10. Network speed is not so bad;
    1. Q: When I test talk, there is a loud noise, is there anything need notice?

A: 1) Do not put the camera too near to the microphone which you used to talk, or it will cause noise;

  1. Do not enable earphone icon and microphone icon at the same time;
    1. Q: There is only a white picture when I login my camera, why?

    A: 1) If you put the camera outside or toward outside, please choose outdoor mode;

  2. Do not toward the camera to something easily reflect light, such as glass or white wall;
  3. If your camera is outdoor camera, please extend the sunlight shell and prevent sunlight shine in the lens;
    1. Q: Which kind of mobile phone can view your camera?

A: 1) There are some app for iphone, blackberry, android; you can use these app to view your camera on these phone;

Here are some app that users forward useful:

For iphone/ipad:

Free app: Other app:

For Blackberry:
For Android:

  1. Some mobile phone with Windows Mobile system or Symbian system which support JAVA can install the mobile player software in CD. It is used to view video of the camera. Make sure that your mobile phone support RTSP.
  2. If your mobile phone can’t view living video after install the mobile player and set all the settings successfully, you can use CGI commands to view snapshots. For example:


    (such as: htttp://

    Type in these urls in the browser and you will see snapshot of the camera, if you want to view the current snapshot, just refresh the browser frequently.

    This way is better for many mobile phone according the network speed on phone.

  3. If you install the mobile player software, but still cannot view living video, it may due to that your phone does not support RTSP, you can download a player that support RTSP, such as Coreplayer and install it on your phone to achieve that.

Put the urls http://cameraip:port/videostream.cgi?user=XXX&pwd=XXX
as its address in the Coreplayer and you can get living video.

  1. Q: What’s the normal status of camera when power on?

A: 1) For indoor camera FI8918W:

When power on, camera will pan/tilt automatically, the red power light will turn on, green network light will blink; if you connect network cable, the small green light on RJ-45 will turn on, the orange light on RJ-45 will blink.

  1. For indoor camera FI8909W:

When power on, the red power light will turn on, green network light will blink, if you connect network cable, the small green light on RJ-45 will turn on, the orange light on RJ-45 will blink.

  1. For outdoor camera FI8903W/FI8904W/FI8905W:

When power on and connect network cable, the small green light on RJ-45 will turn on, the orange light on RJ-45 will blink.

  1. Q: I use firefox and google chrome, but I can’t get audio?

A: Not all the cameras support audio function, normally, only indoor cameras support audio function, such as FI8908W, FI8918W, FI8909W and FI8906W.

Also, in current software, only firmware that above X.X.X.36 support these browser get audio, so please check the firmware version of your camera.

If your camera has the new firmware, but still get no audio, please check if you download and run the activeX (VLC media player), you can get audio unless you have already run the VLC. When you install VLC, please choose “Mozilla plugin” as picture below:

Download VLC at here:

  1. Q: I set email alarm, but I haven’t received alarm emails when motion trigger? A: Please check these points below:
    1. Alarm trigger or not.

The light in device status turn red or not; Check “send mail on alarm” in alarm settings or not; alarm status in device info turn to motion detect alarm or not;

  1. When you click test after setting email service settings, did it show succeed or not;
  1. Q: I set date and time for my camera, but it shows 1970 in log?

A: 1) Make sure your computer has correct date and time, please do not forget save settings after you finish the synchronization with your PC;

  1. Choose both synchronize with PC and synchronize with NTP server to try; 3) Camera connect to internet or not;
  1. Q: I set alarm settings, but camera did not alarm, the status light not turn red too?

A: 1) Check the sensibility, if you set a low sensibility, camera will not so sensitive on small motion;

  1. Check if you choose scheduler or not, if you set scheduler, camera will only alarm during the time range you set;
  2. If the moving object is too small and moving is so latent, camera may have difficult to detect it;
  3. There may be delay according bandwidth, network for camera to response.
  1. Q: I set FTP settings, but test failed?

A: 1) Make sure all the settings are correct, you need have enough permission of the ftp server, such as read, write, delete and set new folder .etc;

  1. Check if your ftp server support the special format of the picture name or not, pictures upload to ftp server named like:000DC5D1E6B7()_0_20110419181148_63.jpg;
  2. The folder you prepare to upload pictures should exist in ftp server; camera cannot create folder itself;
  1. Q: I set multi-device settings, but I cannot control pan/tilt on other camera?

A: If you want to control other camera, please click left mouse on the correct video of the camera and you can control pan/tilt on that camera.

  1. Q: I add several cameras, can I do administrator settings for other camera?

A: It is impossible to achieve this, you need login these camera separately for its administrator settings.

  1. Q: I want to restore factory settings, but I don’t want to repeat set all the settings after that, what can I do?

A: You can use backup & restore settings, click backup and store the current settings to computer before you restore factory settings, if you want to reload it, just choose the saved backup file and load all the settings.

  1. Q: I upgrade my camera and now it shows 404 error?

A: If it shows this error, it indicates that the camera lost webUI, please upgrade webUI for the camera by ip camera tool and it will work well.

  1. Q: How can I delete the information in log?

A: When you power off the camera, all the information will be deleted automatically.

  1. Q: How many pictures does the camera send when motion trigger? What’s the frequency?

A: 1) There are six pictures in each alarm emails;

  1. If alarm continues for a long time, camera will send an email per minute; if motion trigger shortly, camera will send emails not so often.
  2. It is normal that there is delay between received alarm emails and motion trigger, according to the network;
  1. Q: Does your camera support WPA2 encryption?

A: Yes, all of our cameras support WEP, WPA and WPA2 encryption.

  1. Q: Which OS does your camera support?

A: Foscam cameras support Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows 7, Vista, Mac OS and Linux.

  1. Q: Which browser does your camera support?

A: Foscam cameras support Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google chrome, Safari and other standard browsers.


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  1. Found that problems with Foscam and Internet Explorer came about from using Internet Explorer (64) version. When I tried just plain Internet Explorer everything works fine. I am using Vista.


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