HD network camera Quick user Guide C7325 / W7325

HD network camera Quick user Guide

Appliable Products ModelsC7325 / W7325


  1. Installation of waterproof housing and bracket

  1. Manual Focusing

7.Preview the camera image via IE browser.

Kind Suggestions: If it is your first time using the network camera products, please read the basic knowledge of the network cameras.

a.    Please connect the    IP cameras and the computer to the same    local network ( the default IP address of IP camera from the factory is : .Please make sure the IP cameras and the PC are in the same network segment.For example: If the PC’s IP address is, the IP camera’s IP address can    be And it means they are in the same network segment).Please check the connection diagram as Picture    (1)


  1. Please use the IP search tool:Device Search [picture(2)]to Check if    the camera and the computer are correctly connected.If the IP address can be found via the IP search tool,it means they are correctly

  1. Please input:
    in the IE browser.Shown as Picture (4)


  1. It will pop-up the interface shown as Picture(5), and then please input the user name and password to enter the IP camera interface. If it is the first time to visit the IP camera via this PC, it will prompt to download and install the OCX Controllers (Please Close all the IE windows when the OCX Controllers

* For more powerful intelligent functions For the HD network camera, please read the instructions for details *


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