How can I get alarm email on H.264 camera?

Suitable for H.264 camera: FI8601W, FI8602W, FI8605W, FI8608W, FI8620


Email can be sent when there is motion detection. Here we take sender mail ‘yahoo’ as an example to set email settings to get alarm email.


Step 1: Set email settings.

Long into camera, click For Administrator Email Settings.

  • SMTP Server name is decided by sender mail.

    E.g.: For yahoo, it’s

    Server port is also decided by sender mail. e.g.: For yahoo, you can set 25 or 587.

    • Authentication: Select On.
    • User Name: An email to send alarm email. e.g.:
    • Password is the password of Sender mail.
    • Sender is the same as User Name.
    • Receiver: Three receivers can be set to get alarm email.
    • Subject: Set a title for the email.
  • Message: Set content for the email. Click Apply to save the settings.



Step 2: Set motion detection settings on Motion Detection page.

Four widows can be set to detect motion. Set one window (Window 1 is checked) as an example here. Click Apply to save the settings.




Step 3: Set alarm setting on Alarm page.

Check Email Alarm and then click Apply to save the settings.




Step 4: Make some motion in camera’s motion detection window. It’s window 1 here. Check alarm email on receiver email.





  • One alarm snapshot is attached on each email.
  • The email is only sent when the alarm is triggered.
  • You may get the alarm email a little later than the motion because of the Internet delay.

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