Quick Installation Guide FI8620



Model: FI8620

Quick Installation Guide

Outdoor Dome Water-proof Network Camera


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Quick Installation Guide – For Windows OS

Package Contents

  • IP Camera FI8620 x 1 DC Power Adapter (12V-2.0A) x 1 Network Cable x 1 Mounting Bracket .x 1 Quick Installation Guide x 1 CD-ROM with Setup Software .x 1
  • Warranty Card x 1

    Quick Installation Guide Flow Chart Quick Installation Diagram

    Hardware Installation

    Software Installation

    Login the Camera

    Remote Access Setup

    Other Settings



    Start Installation

    1. Hardware Installation

  1. Open the package. Take out the camera out of the box carefully.
  2. Get the camera connected to the router, and get it powered.

Use the network cable to connect the camera to the router or the switch in the LAN network at your home or your office. Plug in the power. The small green light on RJ45 will turn on.

Figure 1.1 Plug the network cable

2. Software Installation

Insert the CD into the CD drive of your computer and find the folder “For Windows OS”. Select the IP Camera Tool folder. Double click IPCamSetup.exe to install, it pops up a window as below (Fig.1.2). Just click button “Next” to finish the installation.

Figure 1.2 Click Next, next to continue the installation

Figure 1.3 Click Close to finish installation, and get computer restarted

A shortcut icon will appear on your desktop after the IP Camera Tool software installation is successfully completed.

Figure 1.4 Shortcut icon

3. Login the Camera

Double click the IP Camera Tool icon and the following screen should appear.

Figure 1.5 IP Camera Tool Windows


The IP camera tool should find the camera’s IP automatically after you plug in the network cable. If not, please make sure that DHCP is enabled on your router and that MAC address filtering, firewalls and anti-virus are disabled temporarily until the camera is set up.

Double click the LAN IP address of the camera, it pops up a password dialog box.

Figure 1.6 Enter the username and password

Camera supports three-level users management: admin, user and guest.The default “admin” user name and password are all “admin”, the default “user” user name and password are all “user”, and the default “guest” user name and password are all “guest”. Different usernames have different permissions. Admin user has the highest authority. He can do any settings. Guest has the lowest authority.

There are two login methods. One is Video View for PC user, the other is Mobile View for Mobile user. Please choose Video View if you are using PC now.

Figure 1.8 Surveillance Windows

Congratulations! You have succeeded in accessing in the camera by wired connection. Just leave all the menus alone before you finish the quick installation.

Note     The default administrator user name and password are all admin.

For the first time using you have to download the ActixeX and install it. For IE browser you can download the ActiveX from the login UI, for Firefox,Google Chrome and Safari, you should download QuickTime Player as the ActiveX from other website. (For more details: see user manual)

If you are still unable to see a live video, try shutting down any firewall or anti-virus software on your computer.

4. Remote Access Settings

We have been able to access the camera within the LAN network, but how to access the camera via WAN or via internet? We have to do Remote Access Settings before we want to access the camera outside the LAN network.

4.1 Static IP user

Static IP users do not need to set DDNS service settings for remote access. When you have finished connecting the camera using LAN and port forwarding, you can access the camera directly from the Internet by the WAN IP and port number.

  • Obtain the WAN IP from IPCAM

Please choose “For Administrator” and click “Remote Access“.

Figure 1.9 Obtain the WAN IP from IPCAM

Click show, you will see the WAN IP as below.

Figure 2.0 WAN IP

  • How to Obtain the WAN IP from a public website

To obtain your WAN IP address, enter the following URL in your browser:

http://www.whatismyip.com.The webpage at this address will show you the current WAN IP.

Figure 2.1 Get to know the WAN IP address of the router

Access the IP Camera from the Internet

You can access the IP Camera from the Internet (remote access). Enter the WAN IP address and port number in IE browser or other browsers you use. For example, Http://


Make sure port mapping (or also known as port forwarding) is successful. You can do port mapping in two ways.

  1. Enter the setting page of the router to enable UPNP function. Then login the camera as administrator, choose UPnP Settings to enable UPNP and make sure the state is “UPnP success”.
  2. Do port forwarding manually. (details: Fig.2.5)

If your router has a Virtual Server, it will do port mapping. Please add the camera’s LAN IP and port which you set in basic network settings to the Virtual map list.

If you plug the camera in a router, it will have dynamic IP address and you need to set DDNS service settings to view it remotely.

4.2 How to configure Remote Access Settings (For dynamic IP user)

  1. Step 1
    Go to the website http://www.no-ip.com
    to create a free hostname

Firstly: Login on http://www.no-ip.com and click No-IP Free to register.

Figure 2.2 Register a user name on http://www.no-ip.com

Please register the account step by step according to instructions on http://www.no-ip.com

After registration, please login your email which used to register. You will receive an email from website as below, please click the link to activate your ACCOUNT as indicated in email.

Secondly: Login the link with the registered username and password to create your domain name.

Figure 2.3 Login the link to create a domain name

Figure 2.4 Create a domain name

Please create the domain name step by step according to instructions on http://www.no-ip.com

  1. Step 2, DO DDNS Service Settings within the Camera

Please set DDNS within the camera by hostname, a user name and password you’ve got from http://www.no-ip.com

Take hostname ycxgwp.no-ip.info, user name foscam, password foscam2012 for example.

Firstly, goes to option of Remote Access on the administrator panel and enable DDNS.

Secondly, select No-ip.com as a server.

Thirdly, fill foscam as DDNS user, fill password foscam2012 as DDNS password, fill ycxgwp.no-ip.info as DDNS domain and server URL, Then click save to make effect.

Note If failed, please double check if you have input the correct hostname, user name, and password, and try to redo the settings.

  1. Step 3,Make Port Forwarding of the HTTP Port of the camera

What is port forwarding?

If you have no concept of Port Forwarding, please open the webpage http://portforward.com/help/portforwarding.htm to learn some knowledge of Port Forwarding.

Or Use Google to check out what is port forwarding.

How to do port forwarding within the router

Example: The camera’s LAN IP address is ,

Firstly, login the router, goes to the menu of Port Forwarding or Port Trigger (or named Virtue Server on some brands of router). Take Linksys brand router as an example, Login the router, and goes to Applications & Gaming->Single Port Forwarding.

Secondly, Create a new column by LAN IP address & HTTP Port No. of the camera within the router showed as below.

Figure2.5 Port forwarding

Step 4, Use domain name to access the camera via internet

After the port forwarding is finished, you can use the domain name+ http no. to access the camera via internet. Take hostname ycxgwp.no-ip.info for example, the accessing link of the camera via internet would be http:// ycxgwp.no-ip.info:88

How to test if the accessing link is working

1) Just enter http:// Domain name + HTTP Port on the IE bar, to see if the camera is accessible. 2) Send the link http:// Domain name + HTTP Port to your friend to have a test, to check if the camera is accessible

5. Other Settings


You have finished the quick installation of the camera. You can take time to play the camera.

Please refer to the electronic user manual burned in the CD-ROM for other settings. Other advanced software settings, such as Alarm, Email Settings, User Settings.

If you have problem with FOSCAM IP camera, please first contact FOSCAM reseller for solving the problems. If our reseller cannot provide service, pls contact our service department: tech@foscam.com .

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